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Opulex Apps LLC

Welcome to Opulex Apps LLC, the advanced mobile products company paving the way to the future. We are a team of like-minded and determined individuals, all sharing a vision for success. We believe that creativity and hard work are key ingredients for successful product. Have an idea about product that can change the world? We are waiting for you.

With our partners we've successfully launched 50+ projects in such niches as  health&fitness, entertainment and education. 
Our goal is to make strong long-term relationships with our clients and grow our businesses together.

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What We Offer

Product research and prototyping

Do you know how many businesses die because they didn't make an investigation about their future market and costumers? Do you know how many people are blinded by their business ideas?
Only one of ten startups becomes a successful company. 

We provide you a solution how to increase the chance of success. Our expertise in customer development and product analytic can save you dozen of money and time. We will make a research and test all your ideas and hypotheses to give you full understanding of your future market and how you business proposition fits it.

Market Analysis

MVP development

When you've made a market research and confident how you will develop your product all you want is speed and traction. We help you to receive first results as fast as it's possible. With our guidance development of first version of product takes twice less time than teams usually spend on it.

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When company receive first clients it's very important to continue growth. It can be difficult to support current version of product and simultaneously develop new opportunities. With our expertise your business will not make typical mistakes for scaling companies. We provide you with technological solutions, management system and financial support to let you grow your business with an unimaginable speed.

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Let’s Grow Business Together

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